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Accessing WISE-MD
Module Navigation
Troubleshooting Tips

Accessing WISE-MD back to top

Users who have been issued a login and password by the WISE-MD group, including those participating in the WISE-TRIAL study, can access the WISE-MD content by clicking on the "Logon to WISE-MD" option to the left. When prompted, enter your signon credentials in the fields provided. Subscribers to MedU should be able to access WISE-MD from within the MedU portal without requiring any additional signing.

Although the WISE-MD content is designed for delivery to the web browser on your computer via the Internet, the variety of computer hardware, operating systems, web browsers, and service providers makes it difficult to insure that all combination of these factors will provide the same, high-quality user experience. For best results when accessing WISE-MD, we recommend the following:

  • when accessing WISE-MD, use the Mozilla Firefox browser. Firefox can be downloaded, for free from
  • make sure that you have the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin installed. If you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, you may download it for free from Adobe Systems
  • when possible, use a hard-wired, high-speed connection to access the WISE-MD modules. Slow and congested connections may impede the reliable download of the large video files used in the WISE-MD modules.

If you are having problems accessing WISE-MD content see the troubleshooting tips section below.

Module Navigation back to top

  • The Main Video Screen contains core curricular content. It serves as a narrative of the flow of patient care.

  • The Video Controls allow you to pause and start the main video. There is also a time indicator which shows the time remaining for the video.

  • The Syllabus is the outline of the lecture in the Main Video Screen. Clicking any of the items in the list will immediately take you to that segment of the video.

  • The Additional Information section contains links to other materials (e.g. movies, text or outside resources) that are related to the topic presented.
Troubleshooting Tips back to top

Specific issues and their related troubleshooting procedures are listed below. This list will be updated as new issues arise or procedures are refined.

Videos are downloading slowly.

This is generally the result of either a slow or busy Internet connection. It is usually caused by high traffic on your local network or at your service provider, multiple applications on your computer accessing the internet, or other application on your computer using system resources.

The following steps may help isolate the issue.

  • If the video is playing, try pausing it for a minute or so to see if that allows it to load completely. Then resume the video playback to determine if the issue is resolved.
  • Trying exiting other running applications that may access the internet. Applications that download email, audio, video or other content from the Internet may periodically require network resources, limiting the resources available to the WISE-MD video download.

Although the video appears to have downloaded, it has stopped playing before reaching the end.

Altough all of WISE-MD's videos are compressed, the video files that appear in module sections are still very large. To allow for faster access to the video content, WISE-MD used progressive downloading so that you can begin watching a video segment before the entire video has been downloaded. Slow or poor quality connections , however, can periodically result in the receipt and storage of partial video files by your computer.

The following steps may help resolve the issue.

  • Try to reload the module section using your browsers "reload page" function. In many browsers, pressing Shift + Reload forces the browser to ignore any locally cached content and reload the data from the server. Check your browser documentation for further information
  • If that does not resolve the problem, then it is likely that the incomplete video file is still being cached. To discard the incomplete copy, try clearing your browser's file cache. In Firefox, you can clear your cache by accessing the "Clear private data" option in the "Tools" menu, selecting "Cache," and then clicking on the "Clear Private Data" button. Once you have cleared the cache, try reloading the page.
  • If you are still having problems, send an email to the address listed below describing your problem. Include the module and section name in your message. We can "refresh" the data on our server to force your computer to download the video again.

I have completed a module section but can not access the next section.

When you complete a module section, your browser instructs the WISE-MD server to unlock the next section. Once unlocked, a section becomes permanently available to you should you want to review it. If the browser's "unlock" request is not received by the server, the next section will remain locked.

The following steps may help resolve this issue.

  • When a video is completed, the Next Section button at the bottom of the screen will become active. Press this button each time a section completes even if you wish to watch the next section at a later time. Pressing this button will confirm the unlock request and load the next section. Once the section is loaded, you can exit out of the Module screen or logout. The section will still be unlocked the next time you return to WISE-MD.
  • After completing a video, do not leave your WISE-MD session idle for an extended period of time before clicking on the Next Section button. If the WISE-MD server has not recieved a request from your browser for some time, it assumes that you closed your browser without logging off and terminates your user session. If you click on a link in WISE-MD after your session has expired, the action will be blocked and you will be asked to login again.
  • If the Next Section link in the navigation bar can not be clicked after completing a section, go back to the Module List and try entering the module again. On rare occasions, a browser will fail to refresh the navigation link when a section is completed. Reentering the page will fource a refresh.
  • If the previous steps do not resolve the problem, send an email to the address listed below describing your problem. Include the module and section name in your message. If a review of our server logs indicates a technical issue and demonstrates that a section was completed, we will manually unlock the next section for you.
If you continue to have trouble using WISE-MD, please contact us at We will do our best to respond to you within one business day, and hope to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. Please include your operating system, browser, and the module/section you were having trouble with, as well as a brief description of the problem.
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